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St Anthony’s Parish, Wanneroo acknowledges that safeguarding is a shared responsibility prioritising the care, protection and best interests of children and adults at risk.

By providing a safe environment, actively identifying, and managing risk, and complying with the Safeguarding policy, guidelines and legal obligations, we serve Jesus and uphold human dignity as the foundation of our faith.  We aim for our parish to be safe, welcoming, and inclusive.


We are committed to implementing the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (NCSS). A self-assessment (Safeguarding Activities Assessment Tool – SAAT) is annually performed to continuously improve and monitor the implementation of the NCSS.


You can find out more about the safeguarding program, guidelines, find helpful resources, and protective behaviours resources and story books here:


Our Safeguarding Officers

Safeguarding officers assist to create a safe environment for all. They are the first point of contact for any safeguarding concerns and support the implementation of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards.


Lesley Kehoe 0468 639 446, Cherise Ferdinand 0447 014 422, Teresa Stuart 0429 772 323


Reporting Abuse

If you have concerns about the safety and well-being of a child or adult within the context of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth or wish to report abuse, you can:


You are encouraged to provide feedback for the continuous improvement of the Safeguarding Program. Feedback can be done through the Parish office or to the Safeguarding Program office at

Safeguarding Officers


0468 639 446


0447 014 422


0429 772 323

If you have any concerns about inappropriate behaviour in church and feel the need to speak to someone, please ring our Safeguarding Officers named above.


This is the kite drawing for St Anthony’s Church Wanneroo. We decided to draw Friendly Hands and decorate them.  This was so that we could let the children know that if there was someone making them sad or doing things that made them sad then they could go to their friendly hand person and talk to them.  We spoke and asked them who their friendly hand person was and also let them know that it might not be mum or dad but might be an aunt or an adult they thought might be their friendly hand person. We had a lot of fun and the children really got into the colouring of the kite.

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