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Sacraments for school aged children

The parish of St. Anthony of Padua Wanneroo follows the “The Sacrament Policy for School- Aged Children” promulgated for the Archdiocese of Perth by Archbishop Most Reverend Timothy Costelloe SDB DD 

The Sacraments take place within the context of a Christian community that we call a parish. In this way, we are welcomed into a much bigger community of the Church, established by Jesus Christ, and faithfully guided by the teachers of the Church under the guidance of the Bishop. From this framework flows the process of catechesis of the sacraments of Initiation…..


The preparation for and celebration of the Sacraments for school aged children is family focused, parish based and supported by religious instruction by the Catholic Schools and the Parish Religious Education Programme (PREP). Families work in partnership with the parish priest and those who are preparing the child. With their support, they ensure the readiness of the child to receive the sacraments and in collaboration with them, discern when the child is ready…..


As all candidates are initiated into full membership of the parish community, it is important that during the sacramental process they are identified as ‘parish candidates’ regardless of whether their preparation occurs in the PREP, Catholic school or home schooling.

The parish priests’ responsibilities include ensuring that ‘children are properly prepared for first confession and holy communion, and for the sacrament of Confirmation, by means of catechetical formation over an appropriate period of time’ (C/C 777).

Both the Catholic Religious Education Syllabus and the mandated PREP require that this preparation extend over a two year period for Penance and Eucharist and over a further two year period for Confirmation. Sacramental Policy for School aged Children Archdiocese of Perth


As ‘parents are the primary educators in the faith’ (GDC 255), they are asked to play an active role in the initiation of their children. An enrolment process and faith formation opportunities for parents and candidates are scheduled by the parish priest and parish sacramental team with an expectation that pre-requisites are fulfilled.


The parish of St. Anthony of Padua Wanneroo is committed to and implements “The Safeguarding Program” from the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth. The parish safeguarding officers ensure that the parish meets the Archdiocese of Perth’s Safeguarding responsibilities in all aspects of service that they undertake.

For the protection of children and respect for individual right to privacy, the parish priest requests that no unauthorised personal photographs and video be taken during the Mass or of the sacramental group at any time (including receiving of certificates) and published on social media and websites. A professional photographer may be utilised by the parish, who will be authorised to take requested photographs. Personal family photos may be taken by parents and relatives of individual children after the Mass has concluded. Group personal photos may be taken with other families and friends who authorise and agree to this. The presiding priest will be available after Mass to be included in family photos.

These prerequisites are required, to complete the preparation and be eligible to receive the Sacrament on the publicised date.​

  • Complete an enrolment form with accompanying documentation presenting the child/children for sacraments and submitted by the required date.

  • One or more parent/s from the enroled candidates’ family attend an adult catechesis evening.

  • Parents and child/children attend, a Commitment Mass on the publicised weekend and submit a completed commitment card.

  • Parents and children attend a Workshop.

  • The child/children participate in the mandated sacramental programme and satisfactorily complete, most of the lessons.


Personal contact with the parish priest is required to discuss options about family circumstances and the opportunity for the candidate to receive the Sacrament at a different time. However, there remains a requirement that the prerequisites are fulfilled. Parents of children receiving religious instruction in Catholic schools outside the Parish need to provide a letter stating the child’s level of preparedness.


Contact:  Parish Office & Sacramental Coordinator:

               Jeanette Keane Ph: 94051110, Email:


 All steps need to be completed by the candidate/s and their family to demonstrate an understanding and readiness for each Sacrament.

  1. ENROLMENT for all sacraments occurs at the beginning of the school year. All forms and documentation need to be submitted to the sacramental coordinator at the parish office within 2 weeks.

  2. PREP families attend an enrolment day Term 1 week 2 on Wednesday at 4.00pm.

  3. Catholic school families liaise with their class teacher or the RE AP.

  4. Parents complete an enrolment form and attach a copy of the child/children’s baptismal certificate and other certificates if required. Scanned copies acquired by email will suffice if you do not have originals or your child has been baptised overseas.

  5. Without an enrolment form and relevant documents, the child/children cannot be accepted into the Sacramental programme.

  6. ADULT CATECHESIS. One or more parent/s from the enroled candidates’ family attend an adult catechesis evening, choosing one of two nights. The parish priest offers this opportunity for parents to gain a fuller understanding of the sacrament, meet and gather as part of the parish community, ask questions and be aware about the parish expectations and preparation process.

  7. COMMITMENT MASS. Parents and candidates attend a Parish Commitment Mass for each Sacrament at the beginning of the Sacrament programme at any weekend Mass on the dates specified. The candidates, parents and parishioners make statements at each Mass stating their commitment during the preparation time. A commitment card signed by the parents and candidate is placed in a basket and taken to the sanctuary at the Offertory.

  8. A prayer card for each participating candidate is produced for the following weekend and available to the parishioners to take and pray for the candidate and family during the preparation time.

  9. It is a prerequisite to attend a Commitment Mass for the candidate to participate in the Sacrament ceremony on the specified date.

  10. Submission of an enrolment form is required BEFORE a commitment card can be accepted. Failure to do so will indicate that the family is not yet ready to proceed through the Sacrament process at this time.

  11. PARENT/CHILD-CHILDREN WORKSHOP. A guest presenter provides interaction between parents and children, consolidates for the parish candidates, the content they are working on in class and educates parents by promoting their understanding of the sacrament in the context of daily life. Information about the upcoming ceremony is communicated to the group and parents indicate their Mass preference for the ceremony by signing a form.

  12. CANDIDATES ATTEND A PARISH RETREAT & PRACTICE DAY. This allows for interaction between all parish candidates to share & demonstrate their knowledge & understanding in a fun and friendly manner and to participate in practice for the ceremony.

  13. SATISFACTORY COMPLETION OF THE MANDATED SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME by the child/children, completed in a Catholic school, home schooling or with the Parish Religious Education Programme.

  14. REVERENT PARTICIPATION IN THE SACRAMENT CEREMONY. Candidates and their families follow usual church behaviour as outlined in the information letter sent from the parish priest.


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